What does Texas sound like? Doug Sahm

Noted Texas author Joe Nick Patoski and award-winning film company Arts+Labor are collaborating on a feature-length documentary about Doug titled "All About the Groove." The film will go into production in early 2014, with the goal of being completed by spring 2015. A Board of Directors has been formed to help with the film. The directors include Austin Chronicle and SXSW Co-founder Louis Black, record executive Bill Bentley, attorney Tom Mason, and Arts+Labor Executive Producer Craig Parks.

We've raised 1/4 of the budget to date, and would love your help in telling this essential story.

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Great News! A fellow DougHead has generously offered to match every donation made to the Society up to the first $250,000. If we hit this goal, the documentary is fully funded. As you can see above, we're off to a great start. So please help us by turning one dollar into two. Every penny counts, the more of you we hear from the more it helps.